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Here’s How to Deal: Here’s Why We Wrote It, Here’s Why You Should Read It!

September 26, 2017

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Every Story Has 4 Sides

Have you ever heard, “There’s 2 sides to every story?”  In our book, there are actually 4 sides to this story.  By reading the perspectives of all 4 of the main characters, the readers can understand what each person is thinking and what leads to all of their decisions.  As psychologists and moms, we wanted to highlight all their perspectives because understanding events from someone else’s view is the key to building relationships and showing care and empathy for others.  The more practice our kids have at thinking about things from someone else’s view, the more they will be able to do it in real life.




In The Dance Dilemma, 4 kids talk about the same events from their own perspectives. The school dance is coming and the kids learn How to Deal when:

  • Ben is faced with a hard test

  • Elas likes the same girl as his friend

  • Ruby feels caught between her two good friends, and

  • Penelope feels jealousy and tries out social media

Learn about their perspectives and why they made their decisions.  Ask your kids to think about what they would have done in the same situation.




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